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Storm Drains: Do Your Part

Post Date:11/13/2019 11:30 AM


Three simple ways to keep storm drains clean and gutters from clogging this fall:

1. Clean Storm Drains Regularly

Always clear leaves, twigs, and other debris away from storm drains to avoid clogging.

2. Keep Gutters Clear

Frequently check your rain gutters for leaves and debris that can cause blockage and an overflow of water. When water cannot drain properly from gutters, it could be forced down the side of the house, causing water damage and rotting to occur. Consider investing in gutter protectors to prevent leaf and debris build-up inside your gutters.

3. Dispose of Leaves Properly

Do not sweep or blow leaves into the road. They could easily be blown back into the drain and cause blockage or possible flooding. Instead, pick up leaves and dispose of them in compost piles or bag them for curbside pick-up (check page 5 for your fall leaf pick up schedule.)

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