About Our Shelter

Information . . .

Sandy City Animal Shelter has many wonderful animals. All animals adopted are required to be spayed and neutered, which will be payed for at the time of adoption. The animals who are adopted from the shelter receive a free health exam that can be redeemed by our approximate 40 participating veterinarians, within two weeks of adoption. Note: Only animals which are available for adoption are listed on this site. Call us for information on animals that may be available soon.

Who We Are...

We are a Division of the Sandy City Police Department. We work for the citizens of Sandy City, Utah.

We provide the following services:

  • Pet Adoptions
  • Pet Recovery
  • Pet Turnovers
  • Cat & Dog Licensing
  • Pick-up injured & stray animals
  • Assist with wildlife problems
  • Animal Ordinance Enforcement
  • Rabies Vaccination Clinics


  • Sandy City always welcomes donations at the shelter.

Educational Programs...

  • Animal Safety
  • Basic Animal Care
  • Responsible Pet Ownership
  • Meeting The Animal Service Officer

Adoption Fees...

  • Cats and Dogs $25.00, plus the Sterilization Fee.
  • Small Animals $15.00.

Mandatory Sterilization Fees for Cats and Dogs...

  • $65.00

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