Lost Pet

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Your description of your pet may vary widely from the description on a kennel card or given by a finder. We ask that you consider doing the following.

  1. Visit the animal shelter, look at our pets and if yours is not here fill out a lost animal card. Mixed breed animals are easily misidentified by owners, finders and our officers.
  2. Contact your local animal hospitals and clinics. If your pet was injured it may have been brought to a clinic for treatment.

How to prevent losing your pet...

  1. Always keep a collar and I.D. tag on your pets.
  2. Don't allow your pets to roam, untethered. Many dogs stray when the owner lets the dog out for just a minute and becomes distracted.
  3. Make sure that your pets are wearing identification. Did I say that twice? It must be important. Many of the pets that come to our shelter are never reunited with their owners because they have no identification.