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The Sandy City Planning Division is responsible for the following activities:

  • Development Services: (Commercial and Residential Development Standards/Review, Signs, Planning Commission Support, Miscellaneous)
  • Long Range Planning: (Sandy General Plan, Area Master Plans, Demographic Studies)
  • Zoning Administration: (Ordinance Development, Zoning Requests, Board of Adjustment (BOA) Support)
  • CDBG Administration: Sandy City's CDBG Program
  • Sandy Architectural Design Standards: Design Standards for Commercial, Office, Industrial and Institutional Development
  • Signs: Design standards and Regulations for Signs Constructed and Placed in the City
  • Other Services:
  • Street Name Changes - to change the name of a public street in Sandy City, call 801-568-7256
  • For Vacation or Closure of a public street in the City, call 801-568-7256
  • For a "Rebuild Letter," contact Mike Wilcox at 801-568-7261

Questions or Comments about the operations of the Planning Division and its activities may be addressed to Brian McCuistion, Planning Director, at the main department phone number: 801-568-7256.