Historic Preservation Committee

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Committee Mission Statement

"We are committed to the encouragement the retention of the visual and historic integrity of the historic district and other historic resources and areas in Sandy City."

Sandy City's Historic Preservation Committee works hard to protect the city's historic neighborhood and property values. This committee is a recommending body for the implementation of the goals and policies of the master plan for the Historic Sandy Area adopted in 2006. In Addition to being a recommending body, this committee recommends ways to use the matching CLG grant money received through the State's Historic Preservation Office (scroll down for more info).


 This train was rumored to be the first to pass through  Sandy. The train conductor pictured, Alexander Kinghorn, went by "Sandy", sparking debate on how the City got its name. Throughout its early years, Sandy City saw over 17 bars come and go. This building looks a little different now, but can still be seen today on Main Street, thanks to the Historic Preservation committee. 



Today there still exists plenty of evidence from Sandy City's beginnings. The Sandy City Co-op Mercantile building has been retrofitted into a number of different uses, but today it serves as a museum honoring Sandy City's History. For more info on Sandy City Museum, visit https://sandy.utah.gov/residents/historic-sandy/sandy-museum. To learn more about Sandy City's rich history, visit https://sandy.utah.gov/residents/historic-sandy.


Certified Local Governments (CLG) Program

What is it?

The Utah State Historic Preservation Office runs a matching grant program in which they award certified communities with funds that can be used for historic preservation projects.  In order to qualify as a CLG, the community must have a committee composed of at least five citizen members that have expertise in history or preservation that meet on a regular basis. 

How is it used?

The Sandy City Historic Preservation Committee functions as the city's CLG and was established more than a decade ago. One duty of this committee is to recommend ways to use the matching grant money received through the State's Historic Preservation Office.  The grant money can be used for historic preservation efforts anywhere in the city, but can only be used for specific types of preservation efforts. 

How can I get Involved?

 The Sandy City Historic Preservation Committee functions as the City’s CLG to apply for and disperse the program funds.  If you are interested in becoming part of the Sandy City Historic Committee or would like to suggest a preservation project for the CLG, please contact Darryll Wolnik at 801-568-7267 or at  dwolnik@sandy.utah.gov

Use the following links for more information about the CLG Program and local preservation efforts:


This Committee currently has seven members and a representative from the City Council as follows:

Committee Members


Jeff Smith Chair
Vacant Vice-Chair
Tom Christenson Secretary
Drew Weaver Member
Brooke Christensen Council Representative
Linda Saville Council Representative
Vacant Member
Vacant Member
Vacant Member


Please contact Darryll Wolnik by phone (801-568-7267) or by email for more information.