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Sandy City has adopted regulations relative to outdoor advertising in order to create and maintain safe and aesthetically pleasing building elevations and streetscapes while allowing for adequate identification, communication and advertising for land uses in the City. By adherence to these regulations the City seeks to achieve the following:

  • Signs that are compatible with their surroundings, and effectively index the environment while preserving the aesthetics and sense of order within the community.
  • Signs that are conducive to promoting traffic safety and add to the convenience and enjoyment of public travel by preventing visual distraction for motorists and protection of pedestrians.
  • Signs that preserve and enhance property values, increase the standard of living within the community, and serve to attract tourists to the City by establishing first-class business and commercial districts.
  • Signs that adhere to adopted fire, traffic and safety standards in order to insure the safety of residents and visitors to the City.

The regulations of Chapter 26 of the Sandy City Land Development Code are intended to apply to both on-premise and off-premise signs, but do not apply to interior signs, nor hand-held placards and other similar devices traditionally used for public protest and the non-commercial exercise of free speech. Any noncommercial message may be substituted for any commercial message permitted under this ordinance.

For any further questions or clarifications regarding Sandy City Sign Regulations contact the Planning Division at 801-568-7256.

Permit Requirements

The following information is required for all sign permit applications:

  • Completed Sign Permit Application.
  • Business must have a current or applied-for Sandy City Business License.  Permits will not be approved and released to applicant until verification of valid license is complete.

Information Required for a Temporary Sign Permit:

  • Plot plan showing relationship of sign(s) to buildings, property lines, the setback from public rights-of-way, intersections, easements and driveways.
  • Length of period for display, type of temporary sign request.
  • Dimensions of proposed sign(s).

Information Required for all Permanent Sign Permits:

  • Value of the sign including all labor and material costs
  • Contractor license number and expiration date for sign installer
  • Two sets of scaled, wet-stamped engineering details of sign showing construction including all connections, footings, calculations, etc.  The engineer who reviews and stamps submitted drawings must be licensed to practice in the State of Utah.  Engineering details must be submitted for all permanent sign installations in Sandy City regardless of sign size, design, weight or placement.

For Monument and Freestanding Signs (two sets of each of the following):

  • Plot plan showing relationship of signs to buildings, property lines, the setback from public rights-of-way, intersections, easements, driveways, existing site contours (1 foot intervals), and nearest monument or freestanding signs on the same frontage.
  • Dimensioned, scaled drawings showing height, color, square foot dimensions, landscaping, sign composition, materials, type of illumination, and how the sign will appear from the street.
  • Number of acres and length of lineal frontage of the subject property.

For Signs on a Building Exterior (two sets of each of the following):

  • Scaled drawings showing square foot dimensions of both the building and the sign, sign composition, and type of illumination.
  • A profile drawing of how the sign will appear from the street/parking area and on the building.

All applications for permanent signs must demonstrate the incorporation and sensitivity to the following elements: 

  • Architectural Compatibility
  • Appropriate Scale and Proportioning
  • Appropriate Illumination
  • Appropriate Color and Style
  • Location
  • Adequate Landscaping

If the Director feels adherence to these elements is not shown the Director may deny or refer an application to the Planning Commission for further review.

Permanent Signs

Signs that are of a permanent nature require a sign permit, no matter the cost or type of construction.  The Sign Ordinance addresses different types of permanent signs - including what is allowed in Sandy City, design standards, height requirements and other guidelines.

Temporary Signs

The following are considered temporary signs and a permit is required in order for a business to display these devices unless the display is during a City approved Holiday period or otherwise specified by the Sign Ordinance.