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Sandy City Business Summit Awards 2018

The Summit Awards

The Summit Awards event is held annually to honor the important relationships between Sandy City and local businesses, vendors, and contractors.  As a government, Sandy City would not be successful without a thriving local economy.  The goods and services provided help create a desirable community that we all love to live, work , and play in.  And, we can't forget that many of the services the City provides to residents are also accomplished through these relationships — whether it's equipping us with products we need to be successful or providing expertise in our endeavors to serve the public. 

*Nomination Process Only*
*Awards will be selected by City Council Members and Sandy Administration*

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Learn about the nomination categories...

A non-profit organization is a group organized for purposes other than generating profit and in which no part of the organization's income is distributed to its members, directors, or officers. Non-profit corporations are often termed "non-stock corporations." service oriented organization that focused on bettering the community

A business that could be locally owned and operated or just unique to the Sandy area. We want to know what small business deserves to be recognized

A business that could be locally owned and operated but may have a few locations. What large business do you rely on and is your safe go to that deserves to win this award.

This could be a chain, or a location that is local to Utah or Sandy. Is it a clean, safe, delicious place that you go to when nothing else sounds good for breakfast, lunch, or dinner?