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Cast for “Frozen Jr.”

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Congratulations to the cast of “Frozen Jr.” We want to thank everyone who auditioned for taking the time to share his or her talent with us. We wish we could cast everyone who auditioned – what a talented group of kids!

The first cast meeting will be on Saturday, February 1, 9:00 AM in the auditorium of Mount Jordan Middle School, 300 East 9400 South.      

An adult from each family needs to attend the cast/parent meeting. The parent portion of the meeting should conclude about 11:15. The cast is needed till about 12:00.  

Please Note:

  • The cast fee is due at the cast meeting. Cash, credit or debit card or a check made out to Sandy Arts Guild is accepted. The fee is $50.
  • Parents, please bring your calendars so you can sign-up for supervision times. 
  • An email will be sent later this week with info to confirm. Please reply to the email confirming the information so we can put together the rehearsal schedule and prepare for the cast meeting. 

Please send inquiries to

Anna - Grace Chavez
Elsa - Zoey Slaughter
Middle Anna - Marley Sokia
Middle Elsa - Kate Andersen
Young Anna - Isabella Yanez
Young Elsa - Clara Robbins

King Agnarr - Tyler Fisher
Queen Iduna - Lauren Fairbanks
Kristoff - Ethan Smith
Olaf - Ryder Mason
Sven - Jonas Stone
Hans/Townspeople - Cameron Liddle
Weselton/Townspeople - Dalton Brown
Bishop/Townspeople - Easton Sorensen
Pabbie - Molia Salanoa
Bulda - Cecelia Keel
idden Folk - Aiden Allred
Hidden Folk - Ada Alvarado
Hidden Folk - Eliza Ballou
Hidden Folk - Jillian Ballou
Hidden Folk - Ellie Maag
Hidden Folk - Darian Mohler
Papa Oaken - Seth  Stone
Mama Oaken  - Grace Colvin
Oaken Child - Harper Chipman
Oaken Child - Jayde Chipman
aken Child - Charlie Colvin
Snow Chorus - Anly Lockwood
Snow Chorus - Ellie Spilker
Castle Staff - Guard/Townspeople - Arianna McBride
Castle Staff - Cook/Townspeople - Lily Nelson
Castle Staff - Butler/Townspeople - Elijah Ricks
Castle Staff - Handmaiden/Townspeople - Emalee Sorensen
Castle Staff - Handmaiden/Townspeople - Faith  Sorensen
Castle Staff - Guard/Summer Chorus - Maryn  Stone
Castle Staff - Housekeeper/Townspeople - Olivia Thomas
Castle Staff - Steward/Townspeople - Sophia  Warren
Snow Chorus - Mary Willhite
Townspeople - Kalea Campbell
Townspeople - Camryn Coburn
Townspeople - Ella Collett
Townspeople - Carleigh Coombs
Townspeople - Paisley Fillmore
Townspeople - Elise Huey
Townspeople - Livia Jenson
Townspeople - Emma Lillywhite
Townspeople - Gwenyth  Nielsen
Townspeople - Scarlet Nielsen
Townspeople - Sophie Owen-Whetman
Townspeople - Seara Ricks
Townspeople - Irie  Sokia
Townspeople - Young Kristoff - Zachary Coburn
Townspeople/Summer Chorus - Adalee Grindstaff
Townspeople/Summer Chorus - Myka Hopkin
Townspeople/Summer Chorus - Jamie Jackson
Townspeople/Summer Chorus - Ava Judd
Townspeople/Summer Chorus - Kate Willhite


“Arsenic and Old Lace” Cast

Eric Geels - Mortimer Brewster
Sallie Cooper - Abby Brewster
Michelle Groves - Martha Brewster
Nolan Mitchell - Teddy Brewster
Lindsay Higbee - Elaine Harper
Kyle Larsen - Rev. Dr. Harper, Mr. Gibbs, Mr. Witherspoon
Andrew Lambert - Jonathan Brewster
Sean Buckley - Dr. Einstein
Chad McBride - Officer O'hara
Galen Chatterton - Officer Brophy
Bryce Kamryn - Officer Klein
Victor Groves - Lt. Rooney