Resident Benefits

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Mountain Meets Urban, bird's eye view

The vision for The Cairns District is to create a space where residents can live, work, play, and shop all within a short distance. This kind of economic center has many benefits to residents who call the rest of Sandy their home. 

Economic Benefits: 

There are 450 businesses in The Cairns District and over 6,000 new jobs have been added. An economic center like The Cairns District generates additional sales and property tax dollars which allows taxes to stay low for residents but still allow for high-quality services from the city. Sandy has the lowest property taxes of Utah cities of similar size. 

Housing Options:

Our state is experiencing unprecedented growth and the housing market is struggling to keep up with demand. Growth is coming to our valley but it must be managed to not encroach on our peaceful neighborhoods. The Cairns District provides a space that makes sense for multi-family housing with close access to the freeway and public transit and less impact on city traffic.

Air Quality:

The quality of our air is a great concern in our city. Creating urban centers where residents can live, work, play, and shop means shorter and less frequent car trips. Instead of driving downtown to work, see a show, or attend a sports event, The Cairns District provides these kinds of services closer to home. Starting in July, residents and visitors will have access to shared scooters in The Cairns District. This will make access to transit more convenient and eliminate the need for cars to move around the area. Less time in our cars contributes to better air quality for everyone.

Sense of Place:

Another benefit of The Cairns District is to provide art, entertainment, dining, and gathering spaces to strengthen the bond of our community as well as a vibrant district where neighbors can congregate and share experiences. Concerts in the park, food festivals, and art walks are all part of the master plan and future vision to bring fun and energy to this space.