Department Values

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  • We build trust through honesty, fairness, pride and accountability of all employees; we value loyal. supportive and amiable personnel.


  • We encourage the challenge of new technology and change; we encourage resourceful, self motivation.


  • We are committed to personal and professional development and encourage continuous training and education.


  • We encourage teamwork, while maintaining individual identities; none of us is effective alone.

Positive Attitudes

  • We encourage a positive attitude toward the community, the city, and this department, which develops pride in our department and in the quality of our work. Our conduct, both on and off duty, is a reflection of our professional commitment.


  • We support open communications, involvement and participation of all employees. We are committed to policies that encourage the mental and physical health of our employees. We value a safe working environment. We value good pay and benefits.


  • We encourage and enjoy good, appropriate humor. We support each other and encourage participation for the growth of all members.