Hiking Safety

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Every year Sandy Fire Department responds to hurt and stranded hikers up the canyon. Avoid becoming another statistic by following these top 10 safety tips:

  1. Hike with a buddy and tell someone where you are going and when you will return
  2. Stay on marked trails and do not climb on waterfalls
  3. Don't take unnecessary risks
  4. Take a phone, but don't count on cell phones to work in the wilderness (don't rely on GPS to prevent you from getting lost)
  5. Take plenty of water and snacks (never assume stream water is safe to drink)
  6. Wear sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage
  7. Dress for the season in bright colors (always carry quality rain gear and turn back in bad weather)
  8. Help others on the trail
  9. All hikers should carry a whistle- three short blasts is a sign of distress
  10. Always keep a close eye on children and pets near swift water