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Did you know...

The #1 reason for a home fire is due to unsafe smoking!

Smoking safety, Fire safety

 If You Smoke. Put it out. All the way. Every time.

On average, 1,000 people (smokers and non-smokers) are killed in smoking-related fires every year. Most people are asleep when the fires occur. It's important that you begin to practice fire safety in your home today!

Follow these tips to keep yourself and your loved ones safe:

  • If you smoke, smoke outside.
  • Whenever you smoke, use deep, sturdy ashtrays.
  • Make sure cigarettes and ashes are out.
  • Check chairs and sofas for cigarette butts.
  • Never smoke in a home where oxygen is used.
  • If you smoke, fire-safe cigarettes are better.
  • Be alert!
  • If You Smoke, Put it Out. All the Way. Every Time.

Smoking safety, Fire safety