Above Ground Fuel Tank Permit

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Contact the Fire Marshal's Division at (801) 568-2930 to obtain a permit. 

The following items will need to be in compliance for above ground tanks:

  • Storage areas shall be kept free from weeds and extraneous combustible material. Open flames & smoking prohibited in storage area.
  • Tanks & containers shall be conspicuously marked with name of product and the words "FLAMMABLE-KEEP FIRE AND FLAME AWAY" and "KEEP 50 FEET FROM BUILDING".
  • Metal containers shall be in accordance with DOT requirements or approved design.  Pumping devices or self-closing faucets used for dispensing shall not leak and be well-maintained.  Containers shall not be interconnected.
  • Tanks shall not exceed 10,000 gallons and of single-compartment design.
  • Tanks shall be at least 50 feet from buildings and combustible storage.
  • Tanks shall be provided with top openings only or shall be elevated for gravity discharge.
  • Tanks shall be mounted on well-constructed metal legs with shoes or runners to stabilize the entire tank and can be moved as a unit or for stationary tanks, on a stable base of timbers or blocks approximately 6 inches in height which prevents the tank from contacting the ground.
  • Tanks with top openings shall be equipped with tightly and permanently attached, approved pumping device with approved hose and locking device.
  • Gravity-dispensing tanks shall be mounted and equipped with supports to elevate the tank designed to carry required loads and provide stability. Tanks shall be equipped with a valve located adjacent to the tank which will close automatically in the event of fire through a heat-activated releasing device. Gravity discharge outlet shall have approved hose with a locking self-closing valve at the discharge end.
  • Outdoor storage areas shall be provided with drainage control or diking as set forth in IFC 3404.2.10.
  • Provide minimum 20-B-C fire extinguisher.