Fire Inspections

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Sandy City Fire Marshal is located at

Sandy City Fire Station #31
9010 South 150 East
Sandy UT 84070
(801) 568-2945

Fire Inspection Fees

Business Inspection Check List


  • Exit door must be able to be opened from the inside without a key or special knowledge, and minimum effort.
  • All designated exits and exit ways must remain clear and unobstructed at all times.
  • Exit door must open fully with minimum effort.
  • Doors installed, as part of required fire assemblies shall be maintained.
  • Exit signs must be illuminated if designed to do so.
  • Exit sign must clearly indicate direction of egress.
  • Emergency lights and power equipment must be maintained and operable. 

Fire Extinguisher

  • Fire extinguishers are to be located no more than 75 feet travel distance.
  • Fire extinguisher must be in a cabinet or mounted at a maximum height above the floor as indicated in the International Fire Code (IFC).
  • Fire extinguisher must be unobstructed at all times or signs are needed to indicate location of fire extinguisher.
  • The proper type (rating and size) must be provided, minimum 2A 10BC or as indicated in IFC 906.3.
  • Fire extinguisher must be inspected and certified annually or after use or be replaced as needed.

Fire Protection Equipment

  • Access to stand pipes and fire protection equipment must be clear and open.
  • Wrench and spare heads for each type and rating of sprinkler head used in the system must be provided.
  • Provide copy of current annual automatic fire sprinkler system inspection and test record.
  • Hood and spray booths with automatic fire sprinkler system must be inspected at least every six months.
  • Commercial cooking hoods shall be equipped with a Class K portable fire extinguisher located within 30 feet.
  • Fire protection equipment shall not be concealed, obstructed, or impaired.
  • Fire department connections shall be equipped with listed plug and caps.

Flammable Material

  • Flammable material must be used/stored properly.
  • Flammable material must be dispensed properly.
  • Proper containers must be used to store or dispense flammable liquids.
  • Approved spray booth required or is not in compliance.


  • Storage must be maintained a minimum of 18 inches below sprinkler heads.  Rack systems must be 6 inches below.
  • Storage must be kept a minimum of 30 inches of electrical panels.
  • Storage and accumulation of combustible materials inside and outside of building must be in accordance with IFC 304 and IFC 315.
  • Combustible material shall not be stored in boiler rooms, electrical or mechanical equipment rooms.


  • Clearance from combustible material must be maintained as per product listing, and/or other regulating codes.
  • Combustion air and exhaust for products of combustion must be maintained.
  • Portable heaters must have a 36-inch clearance from any combustible material.


  • Extension cords must not be used as substitute for permanent wiring.
  • Extension cords and flexible cords must be used properly and not be subjected to physical or environmental damage.
  • Protective covers must be in place on all open boxes, outlets and panels.
  • All defective wiring, fixtures and appliances must be repaired or replaced.
  • Multi-plug adapters and strip plugs must be of approved type and used in approved manner.
  • Electrical control panels and rooms must be properly marked to indicate purpose.


  • Current Sandy City Business License for location and type of business.
  • Premises identification requires approved address or numbers.
  • Compressed gas cylinder must be secured.

Common Questions

  • Can I use an extension cord?  No, extension cords cannot be used for permanent wiring.
  • Can I buy a fire extinguisher from the store to use in my business?  Yes, if it is a 2A 10BC and you tape the receipt on the extinguisher to verify the date it was purchased on.
  • Can I use a space heater under my desk?  No, you must allow a 36 inch clearance from combustibles.  So, you could use a space heater in your work area, but not under the desk.

Common Violations

  • Plugging one multi-plug adapter into another multi-plug adapter.  They must plug directly into the wall.
  • No fire extinguisher.  A fire extinguisher must be provided every 75 feet of travel distance in a work area.
  • Fire extinguisher has not been replaced by expiration date.  Fire extinguishers must be inspected or replaced annually.
  • Business license is not displayed.  The business license must be displayed at all times.
  • Electrical wall plugs and light switches are not covered.  All protective covers must be in place.