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safe passageIf you desire to become a part of the Sandy City Operation Safe Passage program, you will be acting as a private citizen representing our community, and are responsible for your own actions. As a volunteer you will have a full background investigation and fingerprinted to determine your serviceability for this program.

Even though you will not be portraying yourself as a city employee or as a city volunteer as defined by Utah State laws, you will be acting as a representative of our community. Appropriate conduct will be expected from all volunteers.

Potential volunteer agrees that he/she will:
  • serve as eyes and ears for my community and the Sandy City Police Department
  • follow the rules and guidelines approved by the Operation Safe Passage leadership and comply with all ordinances.
  • At no time represent myself as an officer or employee of the Sandy City Police Department.
  • not carry a weapon when volunteering for Operation Safe Passage.
  • not confront criminal suspects or attempt a civilian arrest.
  • Have proof of valid personal Vehicle / Liability Insurance
  • potential volunteer agrees Sandy City Corporation is not responsible for their actions while serving in the Operation Safe Passage program, and that Sandy City Corporation is not responsible for any injuries or damages sustained to my personal property as a result of my participation in the program.
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Volunteer Information
I certify that all information provided by me on this form is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. Further, I grant permission for any information developed during the police background investigation to be discussed with the Executive Committee of Operation Safe Passage to determine my suitability for the program.
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