Detention/Retention Basins/Parks

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Article by Kim Bell

detention/retentionA Detention basin is an artificial flow control structure that is used to contain flood water for a limited period of a time and releasing it at a controlled and slower rate, thereby providing protection for areas downstream.

A Retention basin, or a retention pond, is a type of constructed wetland that is used to contain storm water or rain runoff. A retention basin provides an area to hold water from a small surrounding drainage area that would otherwise flow into other areas. The water remains in the local area that it was deposited in. These structures are frequently used to act as a replacement for the natural absorption of an open area or other natural process that was lost when an area is developed.

detention/retentionIn Sandy City these structures are designed to blend into neighborhoods and are viewed as an amenity rather than a basin strictly for storing water. Some basins are permanent features of the landscape and have parks surrounding and crossing over them. Some of the local structures that have been developed with dual use include: Storm Mountain Park, Buttercup Park, Wildflower Park, Willow Pond, Falcon Park, David Street Pond, Alta Canyon Pond, East Sandy Elementary, High Point Park, and Flat Iron Park.

Please remember when these basins (parks) are filled with water, avoid these areas until their purpose of holding and filtering water has completed. These areas are a great amenity to our City and its residents but for our safety we need to remember that these structures serve many purposes.