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ONE Water Way - Interact, enjoy, protect and enhance our water environment

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"ONE" Goal: Education and stewardship of all our waterways, including drinking water source watersheds, groundwater source protection, stream water quality enhancement, water conservation and all other "Ways" we interact, enjoy, protect and enhance our water environment. 

There are many different aspects of water.  Whether it's about reducing consumption, learning water conservation principles and practices, ensuring drinking water quality, or preventing water pollution. The key is understanding that all these different aspects of water impact each other.


 Small logo for Slow the Flow

 Utah is one of the five driest states in the nation and is one of the fastest growing. The need to use water efficiently is imperative to meet future water needs.

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 Logo of the Sego Lily Gardens, a water conservation education project

 Sego Lily Gardens is an educational demonstration garden. Learn how to use water conservation principles and practices to create a beautiful and water-wise landscape.

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 Keep It Pure

Whether you come to picnic, hike, ski, snowboard, mountain bike, rock climb or to simply enjoy the beauty of our canyons, we ask that you remember this simple fact: 

 "What you see in the watershed today, you may drink tomorrow." 

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We each play an important role in keeping our storm water clean! Pollution can be carried into our local waterways by storm water runoff. 

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FREE Water Customer Portal - Be A Conscientious Consumer

Want to set alerts for your water usage? Want to see how much water you use in a day, an hour? You can set alerts to notify you when you have reached a designated number of gallons or dollar amount.

Visit Aquahawk, our free customer portal!



Dry Creek Flood Control, Water Quality and Trail Parkway


Dry Creek Conceptual Plan 


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Flat Iron Tank and Well Replacement

The purpose of this project is to replace two existing (2 million gallon) tanks with one new 5 million gallon tank. The existing tanks are nearly 50 years old, do not meet current seismic structural design criteria and are in need of repair. Go to Public Utilities Projects for more information.

Low Impact Development (LID) Design for the Public Works Operations Facility

Sandy Public Works and Public Utilities are incorporating a public demonstration of Low Impact Design for the new Public Works facility at 8775 S 700 W. The City desires to the new facility be a model for future development of how LID can be implemented that is attractive, cost effective, and improves water quality. 

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