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stfreet lightSandy City Public Utilities is doing its best to maintain the street light system in our community.

Street light problems vary greatly and require different lengths of time to repair. They can be as simple as a lamp being burnt out or it can require a more complex repair such as trying to locate an underground wire that has been cut. Also, if a street light has been destroyed by a vehicle then it will require full replacement. Repairs are usually completed within one (1) week as we strive to quickly resolve any repairs or complaints that we receive.

If you are aware of any problem(s) with our street lights, please call the Operations Division of Sandy City Public Utilities at 801-352-4400 or fill out our online contact form below. We will create a service request and repair the light as quickly as possible.  

Ways you can help

  1. Keep tree limbs trimmed from around the light fixture. Tree limbs, especially during the summer can block the photo-eye on the light fixture causing the light to think it is night time during the middle of the day. This will cause the light to cycle off and on.
  2. Please call blue stakes before digging. Power lines feeding these street lights run through park strips and in some cases through rear and side yards and may be buried from 6" to 18" deep. If you are installing a fence and digging fence post holes you may cut this line. Make sure that for any type of digging in your yard you call blue stakes and get a blue stake job number (LRA #) If you do not have a blue stake number and you damage an underground utility you may be liable for damages and repair costs.
  3. Report any problems you may see with the street lights. Our repair crew normally works only during daylight hours.

If you see a problem after hours please give our office a call the following morning. Thank you for your assistance. Working together we can keep our City beautiful and our street lights working properly.

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