Utah Water Savers Rebate Programs

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Did you know that you can now apply for rebates on certain water-saving products through a state-funded water conservation initiative? For more information about the programs below, and to apply for rebates, please visit:  utahwatersavers.com


Old toilets are a leading cause of wasted water in Utah homes. Rebates will only be given for replacing toilets that use more than 1.6 gallons per flush and were installed in homes built before 1994. 

Receive up to $100 when you replace your old toilet with a WaterSense-labeled toilet! Toilets use more water than any other indoor fixture. Because toilets manufactured before 1994 use more gallons of water per flush, replacing them is an easy way to conserve water



Smart controllers can help save water by automatically adjusting watering schedules based on local weather and landscape needs. Ready to stop worrying about turning your sprinklers off after it rains? Rebates for smart controllers are available throughout the state.

Receive a rebate for 50 percent of your cost (up to $150) when you purchase an eligible WaterSense smart controller. Smart controllers reduce water waste by automatically adjusting how often and how long a landscape is watered based on local weather and landscape conditions.