Utility Billing

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Sandy City Utility Billing is a division of the Finance and Information Services Department and works with the Public Utilities and Public Works departments.

We bill for the following services:

Moving? (Sign Up or Terminate Service)

To begin or terminate services, please call our Utility Billing office at 801-568-7110.


The city provides water service to customers within Sandy City boundaries. The base charge for each water meter depends on the meter size and property location. The city has gone to a block rate structure effective February 2016.

Residential Waste Collection

The city provides waste collection service to each single-family dwelling and duplex within Sandy City boundaries. The base charge includes one blue waste can and one green recycle bin. Extra waste cans and recycle bins are available for an additional charge.

Storm Water and Street Light Systems

Each property in Sandy City is charged for the storm water and street light systems. Single-family homes and residential duplexes are each charged one unit of storm water per month. Commercial accounts are charged for storm water based on the property's impervious surface. The street light fee is charged monthly on single-family and residential duplex accounts.

Assistance and Military Leave Rates

The city offers reduced rates for customers who qualify for the Salt Lake County Circuit Breaker Tax Abatement program and for deployed military personnel. The assistance rate for those on the Circuit Breaker program is 50% of base charges for all base charges. The Military Leave rate waives the water base charge and reduces the overage charge to 50%.