Budget Billing Plan

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What is budget billing?

Sandy City's budget billing plan allows customers who have twelve months of billing history to pay the same amount each month. The calculation is made by dividing the total of the prior twelve months charges into twelve equal billing payments including an adjustment for rate increases.

How does it work?

Your statement will continue to show your actual utility charges, but you will pay the budget amount billed each month. During November of each year we will adjust your utility account to reflect your actual charges during the year. Any balance due or remaining credit will be spread equally over the next twelve months. You may discontinue your participation in the Plan at any time during the year. If you discontinue your participation, an adjustment will be made to your utility account immediately to reflect actual charges. A balance owing will be due with the current month's charges and a credit balance will be carried forward to the next month(s).

How do I enroll?

Enrolling in the budget billing plan is easy.  Simply read the “Terms and Conditions” listed below. If you agree to the “Terms and Conditions,” email your account number, name, service address, and phone number to ub@sandy.utah.gov  OR call our Utility Billing office at 801-568-7110.

You must enroll before October 31, 2019 to participate. Budget billing will begin with your November bill. If you miss this deadline, you may not enroll until the next enrollment period, which takes place during September and October of each year.

Already enrolled?

If you are currently enrolled in the budget billing program you do not need to enroll again.