Rebates for Smart Controllers and replacement of sprinkler heads. For more information visit (Sandy residents are eligible for this program).


FREE Water Customer Portal - Sign Up for WaterWatchWaterWatch

Want to set alerts for your water usage? Want to see how much water you use in a day, an hour? You can set alerts to notify you when you have reached a designated # of gallons or dollar amount.

Visit WaterWatch, our free customer portal, on your desktop or mobile app @ Register with your account number and manage your water use.

If you have any questions, please call (801) 568-7187 or email.


FREE Water Audits

Starting May 21, 2018, FREE water audits are available to all Sandy residents.  Learn more about your sprinkling system and to make sure it is set properly for your landscape and soil type, call (801) 683-5105. USU Auditors will come to your home and check your sprinklers for uniform distribution and point out any adjustments that need to be made to have a more efficient system. 

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To see what an audit involves, click on image below

audit photo