Water Quality Q&A Updates

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All Sandy City water is now safe to drink. This decision was made in consultation with the DEQ, Salt Lake County Health Department and the EPA. We understand citizens have numerous concerns  and questions. We're here to answer. Below is a compilation of the commonly asked questions we've answered in regards to the fluoride incident that occurred in February 2019.                                          Please contact us at 801-352-4400 or 801-568-7280 if your question isn't included.

General Information

Q- What’s the current status? A quick overview...
Q: What happened?
Q: What now?
Q: What led to high-levels of copper and lead?
Q: How can you be sure of the affected areas?
Q: I'm outside affected areas with brown water...
Q: What about schools, businesses and restaurants?
Q: The ban lifted & I'm still afraid to drink...
Q: Was chlorine added due to low pH by fluoride?
Q: Why is fluoride in our water to begin with?

Health Information

Q: Concerns about fluoride and metal ingested...
Q: What if my pet ingested the contaminated water?
Q: We got sick, will Sandy City cover our medical?
Q: My blood test shows higher levels of lead...
Q: What does the Health Department have to say?
Q: I'm still afraid to drink the water after...
Q: Pet/livestock exposure to elevated lead levels?

Water Flushing

Q: How do I flush my home water system?
Q: Should residents outside affected area flush?
Q: Will we receive a credit on our water bills...
Q: Do we need to change our water filters?

Water Testing

Q: How does water sampling work?
Q: Is Sandy still water testing with ban lifted?
Q: If the water is safe why are you still testing?
Q: Will Sandy continue to test the water?
Q: My water was tested, where are the results?
Q: What if my water test shows high levels?


Q: Will homeowners need to replace their pipes?
Q: What new safeguards will be put in place?


Q: On 2/16/19 why did Sandy only take 28 samples?
Q: Did Sandy follow protocol for notifying...
Q: Why didn’t we hear about this right away?
Q: Will there be investigations in response?

Additional Questions

Q: My question isn't here. Who can I call?