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  • Study is moving forward as planned
  • No Sandy personnel will enter your home or make personal contact
  • Please call or text 801-473-1205 with questions.



We are confident that we are delivering safe water to your home. Now we want to double-check your home plumbing and restore confidence in the water that comes directly from the tap. Please consider participating in this Water Sample Study. We will all gain peace of mind, and you can earn up to a $55 credit on your water bill for your participation!  To learn more, see the FAQs below:

NOTE: To opt out of this important water study, please complete the OPT OUT FORM. If you want to learn more, please see the FAQs below and the fact brief.



How does the study work?

The study will begin in mid-April 2020. You will be asked to fill two 1-liter sample bottles consecutively every month for three consecutive months (April, May & June). After this, you will collect two consecutive samples per quarter for three quarters (July – September 2020, October – December 2020 & January–March 2021). WaterSamplingPic

Sandy City Public Utilities will provide the sample bottles. The bottles and instructions will be dropped at your doorstep at the beginning of each of these sample periods. Samples need to be taken from the cold water kitchen tap after a period of at least six hours of no water use in the home. For most people, this will mean collecting water samples first thing in the morning or immediately after returning from a full day at work.  You will indicate on the bottle what type of home plumbing you have, if known: Copper, PVC, or other. Then, you will leave the sample on your doorstep to be retrieved by employees of Sandy Public Utilities.


What benefits do I get from participating in the Water Sample Study?

The study will either confirm that your home plumbing has “healed” from the fluoride event, or it will make you eligible for assistance from the city in making repairs. You will receive more water quality data on your tap water for peace of mind. You will also receive a credit on your water bill for participating in the study.


How will I get my incentive for participating?

For each time you collect 2 samples in accordance with the instructions, Sandy City will apply a $5 credit on your water bill. If you submit samples for all 6 sample periods you will receive an additional $25 credit on your April 2021 bill. Total incentive for full participation: $55.


How will I get test results?

All test results will be sent via mail. You will only be contacted by the Public Utilities Department by phone or in person if there are any concerns with your sample results. At the end of the year sampling, residents who participate in the sampling will be provided with a final report that details the findings and recommendations from the study. The final report will not identify individual homes to ensure homeowners’ privacy.


What are the goals of the Study?

  1. To identify, quantify, and track any lingering effects of the fluoride event on the quality of the drinking water at the tap in the impacted area.
  2. To ensure that the impacted residents continue to receive safe drinking water and that they remain confident that their water is clean & safe to drink.
  3. To determine if any long-term mitigation measures may be required to ensure the safety of the drinking water in the impacted area.


If the water is corrosive, how might this impact my household?

If you have Copper pipes that are corroding, your water at the tap will have elevated levels of copper and potentially lead (if lead solder was used).  If your home plumbing has galvanized pipes that are corroding, your tap water could have elevated levels of arsenic.


If there is corrosion in my pipes, will the City fix the problem?

If there are plumbing corrosion issues that are discovered in your home as a result of this study, the city will fix them by replacing impacted sections of pipes and/or replacing fixtures.


Who can participate in the Study?

This study is only for homes that received water from Sandy City’s water system with fluoride concentrations above 4 mg/L (EPA’s maximum contamination level for fluoride). In order to have the most complete, accurate study, the city is asking all residents in the impacted area (see below) to participate in the Water Sample Study.

WSS area map


Who can I contact about the study?

Please feel free to contact the following people with any questions or comments about this study:


Richard Benham, P.E.        
Assistant Director/Engineering Manager 
Sandy Public Utilities     
Luke Treutel, M.S.                                          
Lead & Copper Rule Manager
Utah Division of Drinking Water