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  • Justice courts are courts "not of record," authorized by Article VIII, Section 1 of the Utah Constitution and governed by Title 78A, Chapter 7 of the Utah Code (§§78A-7-101 through 301 U.C.A.).
  • Justice courts are created by municipalities or counties, (§ 78A-7-102 U.C.A.), and have jurisdiction over certain small claims cases, "class B and C misdemeanors, violation of ordinances, and infractions committed within [the justice courts'] territorial jurisdiction, except those offenses over which the juvenile court has exclusive jurisdiction," (§ 78A-7-106 U.C.A.).
  • The Sandy Justice Court is a limited jurisdiction municipal court.
  • The Sandy Justice Court hears those criminal and traffic cases arising within Sandy City which are considered:
    • Class "B" Misdemeanors
    • Class "C" Misdemeanors
    • Infractions
  • The Juvenile Court hears all criminal offenses and the most serious traffic offenses in which a juvenile is the accused.
  • The Sandy Justice Court has territorial jurisdiction for criminal and small claims actions arising within Sandy City. This jurisdiction does not include any unincorporated areas (county islands) which may be located within the city.