Options for Violators

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Traffic School

Plea in Abeyance

Eligible violators may be able to have their guilty plea held in abeyance and ultimately dismissed rather than posted as a conviction by attending a traffic class.


The Sandy City Prosecutor has given blanket authorization for minor traffic violators to enter a "Plea-in-Abeyance" before the Sandy Justice Court provided certain eligibility requirements are met.


  • No more than one other minor moving traffic violation conviction anywhere within the last 24 months. The court will check your record!
  • You must not have attended a traffic class for a violation or entered into a plea-in-abeyance agreement in any court within the last 24 months.
  • This citation must NOT be for any of the following:
    • Any alcohol or drug related violation
    • Reckless driving or racing
    • More than 30 mph in a school zone
    • Speeding +25 mph over the limit
    • Multiple moving violations
    • Any other serious mandatory court appearance violation

If you meet the above criteria, contact the Sandy Justice Court between 5-14 days from the citation date at (801) 568-7160 to verify eligibility. There is an additional traffic school fee paid to the authorized provider in addition to the amount of bail and surcharges.

Pay a Fine

View your options for paying a fine.

Set A Trial

If you are contesting a traffic citation, you may request a trial date to have the matter heard by a judge. Call the court at (801) 568-7160 for instructions.