Safety & Preparedness

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 Safety & Preparedness

Monthly Challenges:

  1. Obey all traffic laws, including always wearing a seatbelt, not texting while driving, and using hands-free device with phone while driving.

  2. Wear a helmet when biking, skateboarding, skiing, and/or participating in other hazardous outdoor recreational activities (if applicable).

  3. Wear protective eyewear when using saws, edgers, or other hazardous equipment (if applicable).

  4. Maintain a personal spending plan or budget.

Events & Annual Challenges:

  1. Complete an emergency preparedness plan with food and water for at least 24 hours, preferably 72 hours.

  2. install working smoke alarm(s) and CO2 detectors in your home.

  3. Place a small emergency kit in your car.

  4. Follow a personal spending plan/budget during the year.

  5. Take the Sandy Fire Citizen Academy course.

  6. Complete a gun safety course.

  7. Complete a personal finance course or read a money management book.