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Albion Basin Trail

Located at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon - Sunset Peak rises above Lake Catherine and Albion Basin, offering tremendous views. Although the trail is fairly short, it has some steep stretches before and after Catherine Pass. Many children have made it to the top, there is no need to automatically count them out.

Distance: 3 mile(s)
Elevation Gain: 1248'
Highest Point: 10,648'
Estimated Time: 2.72 hour(s)
Level: Intermediate

Albion Basin To Cecret Lake Trail

Located near west end of the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon -Eight hundred feet above the town of Alta lies the wonderful Albion Basin cirque. This area offers a variety of hiking levels, from simple walking to scrambling peaks. You will enjoy every step of the 3/4 mile to Cecret Lake by slowly meandering through the cirque identifying and admiring wildflowers. (Bring along your wildflower book.)

Distance: 1.25 mile(s)
Elevation Gain: 420'
Highest Point: 9,220'
Estimated Time: 1.5 hour(s)
Level: Novice

Beartrap Fork via Mill D North Trail

Located at Mill D North parking area, located 9.5 miles up Big Cottonwood Canyon - This trail will offer scenery that will play over and over in your head as you picture the perfect wilderness. We will follow the Mill D North trail for 1.79 miles and then fork east onto a section of the Desolation Trail. The next 1.76 miles travels through a variety of pines and quaking aspen leading to Desolation Lake. Often times deer and moose can be spotted along this stretch of trail. You will enjoy the shore of the lake and then ascend a few hundred more yards, through switchbacks, to a pass overlooking Park City. The remaining 2.75 miles will be descending through Beartrap Fork. Depending on what types of wilderness you prefer, Beartrap Fork might be your favorite section of the entire day.

Distance: 6.0 mile(s)
Elevation Gain: 2,240'
Highest Point: 9,600'
Estimated Time: 5.35 hour(s)
Level: Intermediate

Bells Canyon Trail

Located near at 10245 S. Wasatch Blvd - We will follow a dirt road the majority of the hike to the lower reservoir. This hike offers a nice view of Sandy City and the Great Salt Lake. Good traction on your footwear is essential for the patches of loose gravel on the trail. This is a perfect hike for the whole family to enjoy.

Distance: 1 mile(s)
Elevation Gain: 578'
Highest Point: 5578'
Estimated Time: 1.50 hour(s)
Level: Novice

Bowman Trail

Located near 3536 East 3900 South - Bowman Fork and Elbow Fork trails are accessed from the same point near the south end of the Terraces picnic area in Millcreek Canyon. After approximately a hundred feet, the two trails branch out, Bowman to the right and Elbow to the left. Shortly after heading south the trail cuts east into the Bowman Fork drainage. While in the drainage, travel is along a small stream until abruptly shifting south to White Fir Pass. This destination is well worth your while. The view of Porter Fork is outstanding.

Distance: 3.0 mile(s)
Elevation Gain: 1260'
Highest Point: 7520'
Estimated Time: 2.76 hour(s)
Level: Beginner

Broads Fork to Bridge Trail

Lower Loop of the S-Turn, located 5 miles up Big Cottonwood Canyon Broads - Fork is the entrance to slices of the most pristine wilderness of the Central Wasatch. The well maintained trail climbs steadily at the beginning, leading to a beautiful overlook of Big Cottonwood Canyon. After enjoying the view, the trail switchbacks heading east into the Twin Peaks Wilderness. For the next mile, the trail rises gradually in elevation through Fir and Spruce trees until the bridge.

Distance: 2.5 mile(s)
Elevation Gain: 1300'
Highest Point: 7500'
Estimated Time: 2.5 hour(s)
Level: Novice

Butler Fork Trail

Located near southwest corner of the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon Circle - All Peak can be accessed from a number of trailheads, we will begin at Butler Fork. Within the first half mile, the trail crosses the stream twice and has one steep gradient approximately a hundred feet. The average gradient is low, but one section shoots up out of nowhere. The bridge junction that leads to the east branch of Butler Fork marks a half mile and is a great destination for future hikes. Immediately following the junction, the trail cuts through high vegetation and a plethora of wildflowers into west branch of Butler Fork. The remaining 1.25 miles to the peak passes through a number of switchbacks and gradually rises above Butler Fork providing wonderful views. Once atop the peak, we will have a bird’s eye view of Kessler Peak, Twin Peaks, Dromedary and Sunrise Peak. If you want a feeling of the majesty of the Wasatch, this is a choice hike. (Note: If you have sensitive skin be sure to wear pants and bring along a full length shirt.)

Distance: 3.50 mile(s)
Elevation Gain: 1,587'
Highest Point: 8,707'
Estimated Time: 3.50 hour(s)
Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Church Fork Trail

Located near 3536 East 3900 South - The Church Fork trail is a local favorite and often traveled. Beginning at the gate on the east end of the small parking lot is a well defined trail. It immediately crosses a stream and then follows it along the west side for approximately half mile to a small clearing, rising approximately 920 feet in elevation.

Distance: 3.06 mile(s)
Elevation Gain: 920'
Highest Point: 6600'
Estimated Time: 1.82 hour(s)
Level: Beginner

Ferguson Canyon Trail

Located near southwest corner of the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon - Climbing routes for novice and avid rock climbers are our destination this evening. We will start at a gated dirt road on the east side of Timberline Drive. The dirt road ends after approximately 200 yards at a set of water tanks. Here the trail narrows and emerges into the tunnel like Ferguson Canyon. The thin trail cuts through the thick vegetation like water pipes within the city streets for the remaining .40 of a mile.

Distance: 1 mile(s)
Elevation Gain: 800'
Highest Point: 6000'
Estimated Time: 1.30 hour(s)
Level: Novice

Green Basin via Days Fork Trail

Located near southwest corner of the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon - Greens Basin is a hidden meadow between Days Fork and Silver Fork on the south drainage of Big Cottonwood Canyon. You will start at the Days Fork trailhead, located at the southwest corner of the Spruces campground, 9.5 miles up Big Cottonwood Canyon. The beginning of the Days Fork trail is steep for a few hundred yards and gradually levels out. Shortly after the gradient flattens, the trail to Greens Basin leaves the Days Fork trail branching northeast. After two switchbacks and ascending a minor ridge, the trail drops into the basin.

Distance: 2.74 mile(s)
Elevation Gain: 1,050'
Highest Point: 8,300'
Estimated Time: 2.36 hour(s)
Level: Novice

Grizzly Gulch Trail

Located at the west end of the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon parking lot - Grizzly Gulch passes through rich mining history up to Twin Lakes Pass. You will start on the east side of the Forest Service garage, 8.3 miles up Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Distance: 3.50 mile(s)
Elevation Gain: 1,353'
Highest Point: 9,993'
Estimated Time: 3.24 hour(s)
Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Lake Catherine via Brighton Lakes Trail

Located up Big Cottonwood Canyon at the Southern most point of Brighton Ski Resort - The Brighton Lakes trail passes momentarily through designated ski terrain and abruptly curves west, heading to Lake Mary. We will pass both Lake Mary and Lake Martha before our destination of Lake Catherine. Keep your eyes pared and your ears alert, last summer there were many hummingbirds and wildflowers to enjoy.

Distance: 4.0 mile(s)
Elevation Gain: 1,200'
Highest Point: 9,950'
Estimated Time: 3.0 hour(s)
Level: Beginner

Lambs Pass via Elbow Fork Trail

Located near 3536 East 3900 South - This hike is pleasant with a good deal of shade. It branches to the east after sharing the beginning of the trail to the previously mentioned Mount Aire.

Distance: 3.0 mile(s)
Elevation Gain: 1490'
Highest Point: 8120'
Estimated Time: 3.0 hour(s)
Level: Beginner

Little Willow Trail

Located 11700 South Wasatch Blvd - Little Willow is a short and enjoyable excursion for the entire family. A well maintained trail briefly passes through an open field before branching North to Big Willow and South to Little Willow. Shortly after the trail branches, the South trail cuts east into the secluded Little Willow Canyon. The trail follows a stream while passing along some great rock formations for the remaining quarter mile to the irrigation system.

Distance: 1 mile(s)
Elevation Gain: 500'
Highest Point: 5500'
Estimated Time: 1 hour(s)
Level: Novice

Mill B South Fork Trail

Located near Lower Loop of the S-Turn, located 5 miles up Big Cottonwood Canyon - This hike will take us back to the times when glaciers carved and molded the mountains around us. The many glaciated striations surrounding the lakes are amazing to witness. Lake Blanche shares this unique cirque with two other gorgeous lakes nestled up against Sundial (10,320') and Dromedary Peak (11,107').

The first 1/4 mile leads to a bridge crossing the stream and shifts the trail north momentarily before looping back south for the remainder of the hike. Slowly the trail veers away from the stream and eventually loses it all together. This causes sections of the trail to be hotter than normal on a sunny afternoon. Approximately half way to the lakes is a soothing meadow and our first glimpse of Sundial Peak towering directly over the lakes. Once we arrive at the lakes we will enjoy views of the south facing canyons of Big Cottonwood Canyon and waterfalls plunging hundreds of feet off of Sundial Peak. (Be sure to pack a lunch.)

Distance: 6.02 mile(s)
Elevation Gain: 2,720'
Highest Point: 8,880'
Estimated Time: 4.5 hour(s)
Level: Intermediate

Mill D North Loop Trail

Located Mill D North parking area, located 9.5 miles up Big Cottonwood Canyon - Come experience equal amounts of terrain that would require two day hikes. Beginning at Mill D North, this loop hike will pass through a network of trails within the Wasatch Front. The first 2 miles will lead to the unique mountain setting at Dog Lake surrounded by rolling hills filled with vegetation. After Dog Lake, the trail drops into the east branch of Butler Fork for 2 miles and crosses the stream five times before reaching the bridge junction between the east and west branches of Butler Fork. You will follow the south trail to Butler Fork trailhead. Before concluding the afternoon, make a short side trip to Reynolds Peak (9,422'), hike at the foot of Gobblers Knob, and with a little luck see some wildlife. (Bring your own lunch).

Distance: 4.87 mile(s)
Elevation Gain: 1,520'
Highest Point: 8,720'
Estimated Time: 3.20 hour(s)
Level: Intermediate

Mount Aire via Elbow Fork Trail

Located near 3536 East 3900 South - For a breath taking view with minimal amounts of effort, Mt. Aire is a great way to enjoy an evening. The well maintained Elbow Fork trail takes you to the very top (8,621'). There are a few steep sections along the way, but nothing to worry about. Once on top, you will be able to see down into Lambs Canyon, Parleys Canyon and a surprising view of Mount Olympus.

Distance: 3.5 mile(s)
Elevation Gain: 1,981'
Highest Point: 8,621'
Estimated Time: 3.74 hour(s)
Level: Beginner

Rocky Mouth Trail

Located near 11248 S. Wasatch Blvd. (directly East of the LDS Chapel) - The Rocky Mouth trail is a great hike for any children to enjoy. It leads to a beautiful waterfall in less than a quarter of a mile, while only rising 200 feet in elevation. The beginning of the hike is misleading concerning its level of difficulty, but rest assured, after the first 100 yards it eases into a mild gradient level.

Distance: .25 mile(s)
Elevation Gain: 200'
Highest Point: 5200'
Estimated Time: 30 Minutes
Level: Novice

Thayne Canyon Trail

Located near 3536 East 3900 South - This hike offers outstanding views of Salt Lake City and is the beginning of the Desolation trail, the longest trail in the Wasatch Front. The trailhead is located in the Millcreek Restaurant parking area. Once in Thayne Canyon the trail branches west and east. We will follow the west branch and meander through a series of switchbacks the entire length of the hike.

Distance: 3.50 mile(s)
Elevation Gain: 1,250'
Highest Point: 7000'
Estimated Time: 3.0 hour(s)
Level: Beginner

White Pine Trail

Located White Pine parking area 5.3 miles up Little Cottonwood Canyon on the south side of the road - White Pine and Red Pine Canyons have been the focus of much controversy concerning development and preservation, come and see why so many care about this terrain. After crossing the unforgiving Little Cottonwood River on a sturdy bridge, the Red and White Pine Canyon trails share the first mile on an abandoned dirt road that was developed for dam construction in the early nineteen hundreds. The White Pine trail follows the abandoned dirt road, turning sharply to the north. The Red Pine trail crosses the stream coming from White Pine Lake. Shortly after crossing the stream, the trail swerves south heading up Red Pine Canyon. After hiking a total of two and a half miles the trail reaches the Maybird Bridge junction. For the remaining 3/4 mile the gradient increases until finally reaching Red Pine Lake settled in a pristine cirque. (Be sure to bring the camera along with a small lunch).

Distance: 6.46 mile(s)
Elevation Gain: 1,940'
Highest Point: 9,640'
Estimated Time: 5.15 hour(s)
Level: Intermediate

Willow Heights Trail

Located near southwest corner of the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon - The Willow Heights trail meanders through dense quaking aspen. Rising a mere 640 feet in elevation in 3/4 of a mile makes this getaway pleasant and rewarding. Even though the hike is relatively mild, visitors to the back country are prone to injury without the proper footwear.

Distance: 1.50 mile(s)
Elevation Gain: 600'
Highest Point: 8480'
Estimated Time: 1.40 hour(s)
Level: Novice